Frequently asked questions

I would like a chrome lined barrel  is this feature available?

No chrome lining is an industrial process not available to us

I want a hammer forged barrel because I've heard these last longer

Hammer forged barrels require expensive machines and are typically used for production jobs by barrel makers not gunsmiths, the longevity can be argued and the radial stress induced by the process doesn't help accuracy any.

So in short no they are not an available option.

I want a custom barrel made, do you need my gun or can I send you the upper only?

Our barrel's are custom made and custom fitted. After fitting, your firearm is test fired to ensure function and the empty brass is inspected for signs of problems. This is one of the reasons you must ship us your entire firearm with a magazine in firing condition. Additionally test rounds may need to be sent to us or sourced by us if we don't have stock of your caliber.

When you install a non restricted barrel on my gun how long does it take to have the registry amended by the RCMP?

This is a difficult question to answer, after our verifier fills out the form and sends it the the RCMP it should take no longer than one week. However we have seen them take over 12 weeks to process a request. On a further note we have no control over the time frame, and the RCMP provides us no information with regard to the status of a change or its completion.

They deal directly with the owner of the firearm in question. We do not charge any fee for verification of a firearm, and never have.

To check the status of your verification please call the RCMP directly at     1800 731-4000 ext 1090

What is the process to proceed with a custom barrel after getting a quote from Herron Arms?

If you are satisfied with the pricing and wait time quoted via email then to proceed we require a deposit to cover the barrel blank cost, typically $250 for chromoly and $300 for stainless, may be more dependent on barrel brand.  Be aware a barrel blank can take up to 16 weeks to receive from the barrel maker dependent on the stock status and backlog from that maker, so this time will have to be added onto the total project time and ordered appropriately ahead of time.

Also barrel blanks are not refundable so if you decide not to proceed with the work the barrel blank belongs to you and will

be shipped to you at your cost.